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A Desperate Faith

Two years ago this week, I drove across the country to a start a new life in an act of desperate faith that was probably more desperate than faith. My reason for moving was that it was the only door … Continue reading

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Good and “More Good”

Tomorrow morning, I will enjoy the luxury of no alarm clock. It’s Saturday. At some sleepy point, I’ll hear one of the happiest wake-up calls in the world—the coffee maker. It will finish spewing and brewing, and my husband will … Continue reading

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Memories–Now and Forever

Tomorrow I will attend my home church, as I typically do when I visit my parents for the weekend. With coffee cup in hand, I will make the rounds—hugging old (literally and metaphorically) friends and giving them the sweetened condensed … Continue reading

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He’s Got My Back

I’m on the other side of another interstate move, an exhausting practice I really need to stop: total upheaval followed by a long season of making a new life, five times over in the past fifteen years. You might think … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago my oldest sister had the idea that we girls should help Mom sort through her sewing room. For five or six decades, Mom has saved and stored supplies left over from craft projects, intending to repurpose … Continue reading

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One summer I took a road trip by myself to Green Bay to see the sites of Packerland, USA. With my map in my lap, I left home and headed north on a highway that was nearly hidden in a … Continue reading

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Ferns and Funky Moss: A Lesson in Journeys & Destinations

Last week I went to a seminar on communication skills in the workplace – specifically based on understanding different personalities and then learning to interact more effectively given those differences. I’ve taken half a dozen personality tests over the years, … Continue reading

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Hold On & Keep Moving

This blog is supposed to be about Daniel (at least, until we finish the book), and it is most of the time. But sometimes life gets in the way of “most of the time.” On this Friday night in Next-To-Nowhere, … Continue reading

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Good, Bitter, Best

I’m headed out of town for some conferences, so Daniel is on leave until I return. Meanwhile, I’m recycling a piece I wrote more than ten years ago when I was at Marah. I’ve revisited Marah over the years, but … Continue reading

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Change = Life

I have a favorite children’s book entitled Tuck Everlasting. It weaves an interesting tale of “what if?” What if there really was a Fountain of Youth? What if we could pick a perfect age and stop aging forever at that … Continue reading

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