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Green and Gold

I apologize up front to my fellow fans of the Green & Gold: this blog post is not about the Packers. I shamelessly used that color combination to lure in readers. (Did it work?) However, shamelessness does not equal randomness. … Continue reading

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I’ve tried numerous times to learn German (not for fun…because it definitely isn’t), but the vocabulary kills me every time. Seriously, when a language allows the ad infinitum gluing together of words already-too-long to make new-out-of-control-longer words, it pretty much … Continue reading

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The Taller They Are, the Harder They Fall

I live in the Evergreen State, and a line of towering pines across my parking lot reminds me of this whenever I sit at my desk. If any of them decides to fall eastward, I’ll be really glad to have … Continue reading

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