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The Folly of Flunking History

I have kept Daniel waiting in the wings too long. The queen has made her speech, Belshazzar has made his, and Daniel has been patiently waiting his turn while I’ve done this, that, and the other for the past couple … Continue reading

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Speed Bumps and Sermons

I have to drive over six particularly obnoxious speed bumps every time I leave my condo parking lot. “Bump” is what you’d properly call them if they were half their height. Bellingham seems to love such speed “bumps,” but I … Continue reading

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The Final Four: How My Really Wrong Bracket Gets It Right

My first disclaimer is that I don’t care about college hoops. Every couple years I get moderately interested in mid-March and sorta follow – but really, Don’t Care. However, on a particularly dull day at work a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Take a Thousand Words to Get the Picture

You can learn a lot about people from what they say – which is one reason it’s often a very good idea to keep your mouth shut. Or, as the inimitable 16th president of the United States is said to … Continue reading

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