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On a spring weekend more than four years ago, I made an impromptu trip home to Milwaukee. Impromptu trips were fairly common during the years I lived in Madison, since it was an easy 90-minute drive with no Chicago traffic … Continue reading

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Happy Left-Handers Day! We’re in good company!

Apparently, I missed a holiday yesterday: International Left-Handers Day! Somehow – I can’t imagine how – this important day was not on my calendar. I certainly would have figured out the, er, left way to celebrate. As it is, I’ll … Continue reading

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Battling Bad Theology

When I was twenty-something and single, I received all sorts of “encouragement” about my marital status from well-meaning family and friends. They’d say things like… God has someone wonderful for you. You just wait—your day is coming. You’ll make somebody … Continue reading

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