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The Kind of Teaching We Need Most

I posted these thoughts three years ago, but they came to mind again yesterday during carol-singing at church, and I realized anew how much I am in need of this kind of teaching: While most churches don’t crack open hymnals … Continue reading

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The Sky Is Falling (a.k.a. Election 2016)

(Excerpted from Story of God Bible Commentary, Daniel, pp 58-59) The message of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream that God is the one true king is as relevant in the twenty-first century as it was when Nebuchadnezzar caught a glimpse of the ages … Continue reading

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Good and “More Good”

Tomorrow morning, I will enjoy the luxury of no alarm clock. It’s Saturday. At some sleepy point, I’ll hear one of the happiest wake-up calls in the world—the coffee maker. It will finish spewing and brewing, and my husband will … Continue reading

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I’ve been absent all year (for reasons I’ll post about another day), but today is an easy post. The FedEx man just left a gift on my doorstep: (I assure you that even though this blog is stuck somewhere in … Continue reading

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Steady On, 2016

My one and only New Year’s resolution is to write a blog post today. Call me a party pooper (you wouldn’t be the first), but I don’t make resolutions anymore. I find I already have an impossible list of expectations … Continue reading

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Of Rams and Goats, Again (and hopefully turkey)

I hope you have some Thanksgiving leftovers, because you’ll need them for this post. Last time we were in Daniel 8, we sorted out the geography of Daniel’s vision. This time around, we’ll sort out the history behind the vision … Continue reading

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The “And Then Some” Giver

Every day I am reminded—that is, if I stop to think about it—of how rich I am. Walls and a roof to keep out the endlessly dripping Washington sky. Food in my refrigerator. Options in my pantry. A nearby grocery … Continue reading

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Of Getting Off the Couch. Or Not.

Jogging isn’t something I do for fun – cuz it’s not. I do it because I like my jeans to fit. Pure and simple. So it’s a win-win when I can help someone else in the process of making my … Continue reading

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One summer I took a road trip by myself to Green Bay to see the sites of Packerland, USA. With my map in my lap, I left home and headed north on a highway that was nearly hidden in a … Continue reading

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And We’re Back (at least, for now…)

Once upon a time, I was blogging through the book of Daniel… Most recently, a phrase I use very loosely, we were working through Daniel 6. Then came a couple “fly-across-the-country” trips for work; a holiday of thanks; a two-week, … Continue reading

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