Tomorrow morning, I will enjoy the luxury of no alarm clock. It’s Saturday. At some sleepy point, I’ll hear one of the happiest wake-up calls in the world—the coffee maker. It will finish spewing and brewing, and my husband will head down the hall to get me a cupful of morning magic.

Yes, you read that right. My husband. Somewhere between that “dig deep and gut it out” New Year’s Day post and the changing of 2016’s leaves, God pulled one of His biggest surprises on me. Most days—moments, even—I can’t really believe it. I’m married.

Some (okay, many) people in my world would add “finally!” to that statement—“She’s married, finally!” But I don’t and won’t, because that implies I’ve been waiting all of my life to arrive at this destination. It suggests that the twenty-plus years of adult living that preceded marriage were just means to this happy end. They weren’t. Marriage isn’t a destination—it’s a new path on a weird but wonderful journey of following God.

I also won’t say, as some have, that God has “rewarded” me, as if I somehow earned a prize. I didn’t, and He hasn’t. And I won’t say that I always knew God would come through for me and give me what I really wanted. That’s bad theology—and besides that, it’s not true. I don’t for a minute think that I deserved to get married because I did something good (sorry, Captain and Maria) or that this had to happen for God to be faithful or that I have finally achieved a major goal of adult life.

I will simply say that God is good, all the time, and sometimes His goodness looks “more good” to us than at other times. Sometimes it feels “more good.” While I may find myself in a season where His goodness looks and feels “more good” than it has for a number of years, He hasn’t changed and His actions toward me haven’t changed. He’s always been bestowing His goodness on me—whether I’ve seen it or felt it in the ways I wanted to or not.

Is my husband a good gift? I can’t begin to tell you how good he is. Is marriage a blessed state? Indeed—though I am well aware that it won’t always feel that way. 🙂 But my single life was also a good gift from a loving Father. I don’t want to cheapen any of God’s gifts by comparing them.

Tomorrow morning my cup of coffee may taste “more good” to me because of the one who brings it to me. But the One who brought “the one” to me has been good all along. Make no mistake.


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