Every Road Goes Somewhere launched a week ago today. I’ve been a bit too occupied for blogging – so today’s post is an excerpt from a Goodreads review:

“Throughout her memoir, Wendy Widder makes her life available to the reader in such a way that her story becomes food for the journeys of others. In Every Road Goes Somewhere Widder does far more than relate a personal history. Rather, she guides the reader gently (but not painlessly) through questions of God’s will, God’s goodness, and the end goal of a faithful life…. The joy of reading this book is that of traveling along with Widder as she makes sense of her labyrinthine life. The hope that pervades her conclusions is breathtaking.”

Kaeli Joyce

If you haven’t ordered your copy, please do! And if you’re so inclined, reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and anywhere else books can be acquired are really helpful. Thanks!

Maybe I’ll get to writing again soon…

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