The Forest & the Trees (teaching Christian worldview)


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Why do we have to learn this?

For as long as there have been students, teachers have been answering this question, but we haven’t always answered it very well-for our students or for ourselves. We sometimes forget that everything we teach, whether “sacred” or “secular” has value because it is part of God’s truth, and integrating that truth across the curriculum is what makes an education Christian. This book from a father-and-daughter team of seasoned Christian educators offers a comprehensive, biblically based presentation of integration. Its goal is to help readers view all aspects of the curriculum within the framework of God’s story as told from Genesis to Revelation. By organizing subject areas under five broad categories-nature, people, communication, beauty, and ultimate issues-the authors demonstrate that each subject area flows from the biblical story. Each chapter concludes with a summary of the truths presented, a set of teacher tips, and a list of additional resources.

Wendy coauthored this book with her father.

Published by Wipf & Stock, 2008).

Also available through Amazon (including Kindle) here (affiliate links).

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