During the past few months I’ve had some opportunities to revisit the book of Daniel. If you like Daniel, you might enjoy the rest of this post (and my old blog posts on the book through chapter 7). If you don’t, well, I encourage you to check out the post anyway…maybe you’ll change your mind!

First, I did an interview with Dennis Metzler over at “The Charge.” We talked about all things Daniel for an hour. If that’s too long for you, play the speed faster (I do it all the time…)

I also had a great time talking with Cyndi Parker at the Context Matters podcast. She split our conversation into two sections, each less than 30 minutes. Give a listen at these two links:

Part 1: The Two Halves of Daniel

Part 2: Two Halves Yet One Whole

Then, finally, I’ve spent the last week checking page proofs for my new Daniel commentary (ZECOT series), which–fingers crossed–should release later this year!

P.S. You can also check out my first Daniel commentary while you wait for the second! Buy it from me here, or through Amazon (affiliate link).

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