Discovering the Bible’s World

See the Bible in a Brand New Way!

Christians have been called “people of the Book,” but what is that Book?

What’s in it? Why should we care?

Where did it come from? How did we get it?

How should we read it?

Join Wendy for an eight-week interactive course to discover the story IN and BEHIND the massive book that contains the greatest story ever told. You’ll never see the Bible the same way again!

“Wendy was outstanding as a professor! She was really clear, very organized, and super approachable. Her knowledge was deep yet she was not at all hard to understand or pretentious. Our class consisted of several pastors and some who knew hardly anything about the Bible. I highly recommend this class!” (Student from Winter 2021)

“’The Bible Explored’ exceeded my expectations. It tied my faith to my cognitive knowledge of the Bible . . . and tied together a lot of ‘loose ends’ that I had in my head.” (Student from Winter 2021)

“I loved this class and wished it would never end. Most of what is presented in the lessons I’ve never learned elsewhere and never realized it was important to learn.” (Student from Winter 2022)

Enrollment is open for Fall 2022. The course runs from September 7 through November 2 and meets on Zoom (Wednesday evenings, 7-9PM, Eastern Time). Cost is $400, with limited scholarships available. 

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