My Books

I’ve written four books . . . so far. 🙂 You can check them out individually, but here’s the summary:

Living Whole Without a Better Half is the first, written preseminary. The process of writing it was, in fact, what prompted me to go to seminary. The second, A Match Made in Heaven: How Singles and the Church Can Live Happily Ever After, grew out of the convergence of what I was learning in seminary classes and what I was experiencing in a family-focused church. The third book is different altogether – The Forest and the Trees: Helping Teachers Integrate a Biblical Worldview across the Curriculum  was a joint effort with my dad; it was written to be a readable resource for parents or teachers who want to help their kids see God and His truth in every aspect of life. My fourth book is only available electronically, and it’s a resurrected version of my Master’s thesis on Augustine and Luther: Augustine versus Luther on Sin, Sexuality, and Salvation.


2 Responses to My Books

  1. serpentium says:

    I’m reading your last book, I like a lot. Lovely and precise.

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