This lesson considers the nature of the Bible’s truthfulness. In what way and to what extent is the Bible true? This discussion entails the concepts of infallibility and inerrancy, introduced in an earlier lesson. The lesson includes a short video and reflection questions for journaling. If you would like PowerPoint notes of the lecture to write your own notes, click here.


  • What things in the Bible make people question its truth?
  • What does it to say the Bible is “true in what it affirms”?
  • How have your thoughts about the Bible changed through this course?

*To print a journal page for reflection, click here.

Recommended Resources

Several resources that I’ve found helpful for thinking through how the Bible is true are pictured here with links* to Amazon for more information.

*These are affiliate links, which means I receive a small compensation if you purchase the product. I only link to books I have read and personally recommend. 

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