“How did I get HERE?”

Good or bad, this is not

where I thought I’d be.

“Where do I go next?”

It’s hard to plan the future

when the map has gone off course.

These are important questions—and if we’re honest, we all ask them somewhere along life’s way.

I’ve got ideas about how to begin answering them, but let’s face it: They are Big Questions. And they can be overwhelming. Wherever you’ve been, you can’t change. Wherever you’re going, you can’t control.

What you can change and control is how you walk the road. God knows where it goes, and he doesn’t expect you to. He does not give out TripTiks or Google maps, marking mileage, sites of interest, and road stops. He offers his hand, and he gives us the flashlight for our feet.

“Your word is a flashlight for my foot, a light for my path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Where your road goes is there, and then there, and then there—one foot in front of the other, one step at a time. It’s the flashlight that tells us how to walk, how to take each step.

I love that flashlight and the Battery that powers it. Come along—we’ll share a stretch of road and see some light together.

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