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Me, My Selfie, and I

Although this blog has only made it through Daniel 6, I’ve been commentary writing in Daniel 7 for weeks already. (Someone’s paying me to do that, while none of my five blog readers has sent me any money to get … Continue reading

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My Most Unlikely Date

It wasn’t my most memorable date (that would require something worse than puking or better than a limo), but it was my most unlikely date. After three failed attempts to find company for a friend’s swing band concert, I was … Continue reading

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It Doesn’t Take a Thousand Words to Get the Picture

You can learn a lot about people from what they say – which is one reason it’s often a very good idea to keep your mouth shut. Or, as the inimitable 16th president of the United States is said to … Continue reading

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The Worst Penmanship Lesson Ever

Bye-bye Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. Hello, Belshazzar. Welcome, everyone else, to a new chapter in Daniel! The bad guy of Daniel 5, Belshazzar is just a blip in the Bible. This chapter is the only place he appears (and he’s a … Continue reading

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A Slow Learner Is Still a Learner

It’s (past) time to bring Daniel 4 to a close and bid fond farewell to Nebuchadnezzar. (He actually does show up posthumously in the next chapter, but he’s a distant memory there, which turns out to be part of Belshazzar’s … Continue reading

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